What is Tooth Enamel?

What is an Enamel? The basic structural unit of enamel is the enamel prism/rod. The prism usually consist of […]

Skygate Dental Halloween

Skygate Dental Halloween Blooog

Halloween is around the corner! Boo! Sugary treats are a given during any great trick or treat Halloween […]

Saliva To Diagnose and Screen For Systemic Diseases

Saliva To Diagnose and Screen For Systemic Diseases

Saliva Introduction: Saliva plays an important role in the day-to-day functions of bodily systems; from helping fight bacteria […]

Skygate Dental Root Canal Filling

Root Canal Medicaments

Root Canal Medicaments Intra-canal medicament – Intra-canal medicaments have a long history of use as interim appointment dressings. They […]

The Missing Tooth

Missing Tooth

Teeth can be lost for many reasons; ultimately there are a number of options for replacement with each […]

Fluoride Skygate Dental Blog


Fluoride What is Natural Fluoride (F-)? (F-) occurs naturally in the world, found in rocks, water and the […]

Skygate Dental Blog Electron Mico Dental Implant

Dental Implant Considerations

Dental Implant Considerations Dental Implants can be highly predictive if properly planned. There are many issues that need […]

Skygate Dental Dentine Sensitivity

Dentine Sensitivity

Dentine Sensitivity What is Dentine hypersensitivity? Dentine Sensitivity – is the sensation that occurs when the middle portion […]

Importance of Saliva

Importance of Saliva

Importance of Saliva The assessment of saliva in the dental patient is an important modality in treatment planning. […]