Dental Payment Plan Dentist – Brisbane

Affording a Great Dentist is now Easy with Dental Payment Plan Options

Going to the dentist can be quite the hassle if you are worried about having to pay for your services that very same day. However, visiting the dentist could be less stressful if you were not concerned about the financial aspect.

Skygate Dental offers interest-free dental payment plans to get your smile looking its best and take the pressure away from how you are going to pay for your much-needed dental services. You deserve a beautiful, healthy and pain-free smile. Whatever is bothering you, we have a service that will provide an affordable solution.
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Payment Plan Dentist near the DFO near Brisbane Airport

Skygate Dental has just a single location for your convenience in the Village Market at the Brisbane Airport. We are family owned and operate and pride ourselves on the quality of work and the care that goes into each and every patient. We want every patient to have an excellent experience and get the smile that they have always wanted.

Understanding that dental work can be expensive and one of the main reasons why people let it go for years, we cooperate with you to set up a payment plan that will suit your needs. We offer them at no interest so you do not need to worry about paying more than the original cost for your services.

Do not let the fear of a bill prevent you from keeping up with regular maintenance for your teeth. Oral hygiene and routine care are the best prevention for more serious health problems. We offer a wide range of services, and payment plans can be set up for any of them.

Payment Plan Dental near Brisbane: Options to Fit Your Needs

All of our patients are welcome to utilise our payment plan services. Our payment plans are 20% down at the time of appointment and no interest charged to you. You choose when you can make payments whether it is weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

If your balance of treatment is less than $2,000, you have up to a year to pay the balance interest-free and if your balance is greater than $2,000 you have up to two years. The only additional fee for your payment plan is a $39 set-up fee, which is charged with the first debt at the first appointment. We want to earn your trust and set up something that will work for you and your family regardless of income restrictions.

We don’t want your financial situation to prevent you from getting your smile to be healthy and look beautiful. Various services we offer include children’s dentistry, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, dental extractions, fillings, implants, mouth guards, root canal treatments, and more.

Talk to our payment plan dentist near Brisbane today to see what service and plan are right for you. With our options, you don’t have to wait until your next paycheck to receive a specialised dental visit and feel confident with the smile that you deserve. Get your smile on today!