Space Dentistry: The Effects Of Space on Our Teeth


Space Dentistry 
Interesting Facts About Our Teeth and Space:

Effects of Space Environment on the Oral Cavity:

Skygate Dental
Skygate Dental
  • It has been found that being in space has the ability to increase our levels of dental plaque. Further the levels of tartar or calculus build-up has also been found to be increased.
  • Levels of Gingival inflammation were also reported to be higher. One potential factor to explain this could be that it is more difficult to adequately clean the teeth in space.
  • Levels of some bacteria in the oral environment are also found to be increased.
  • It has been found that wound healing in space is also decreased or delayed.
  • Anaerobic or aerobic bacterial level.
  • With potentially longer space missions on the horizon; the oral environment in micro-gravity is an area of interest to help prevent any dental emergencies on long haul space missions.
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