24 Hour Emergency Dentist – Brisbane

Preparing for Your Visit with a 24 Hour Emergency Dentist in Brisbane

It’s an unfortunate reality that there will be some times when emergency dental visits simply cannot be avoided. Whether it is because you have cracked tooth, a filling that has come loose, or because you have an infected tooth that must be taken care of immediately, finding the appropriate care is an absolute necessity. Fortunately, a 24 hour emergency dentist in Brisbane can help you take care of whatever problem you are having with your oral health. However, there are some things that you must know so that you can be adequately prepared for your visit. Being prepared helps your dentist to take care of the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible, which only helps you in the long run to get the best care possible with your dental emergency.

What to Do When You Need to Visit an Emergency Dentist

When you are preparing to visit an emergency dentist, it is likely that you will receive some information on the phone from the emergency practitioner about what you should do in your exact situation. However, being prepared from the get go can help to ease your nerves in such a situation and prevent possible problems. If you have knocked out a permanent or adult tooth, the situation can be very frightening. If it is possible, attempt to put the tooth back into place in the socket until you can visit your emergency dentist in Brisbane. Understandably, this may not be possible. If it isn’t, then the next best course of action is to ensure that the tooth is kept moist until you can visit the dentist.

Another potentially complex issue is when a tooth is cracked. In this instance, be sure that the area is thoroughly cleaned with warm water, and then use a compress to help keep any swelling of the area down. Severe bleeding of the tissue in the mouth can also be a dental emergency that requires immediate attention and the help of an emergency dentist in Brisbane. If you do have bleeding, use a compress or gauze to help slow down the flow.

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If you are looking for a reliable 24 hour emergency dentist in Brisbane, contact our team at Skygate Dental, located near Brisbane Airport near the DFO. When you need help for your dental emergency, regardless of what it is, we are there for you to ensure that you receive the urgent attention that you need, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

We know that accidents happen, from broken and cracked teeth to infections, cuts, and much more, and don’t want you to have to suffer when you experience dental trauma, so never hesitate to contact us when you are in need of help. Contact us today on 07 3114 1199 or 0406 579 197. We will be happy to help you out with whatever problem you are having.