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It is important for patients to remember your annual check-up; the team at Skygate Dental will recommend an appropriate recall based on your needs, this may be 3, 6 or 12 monthly. This ensures that we can keep your smile looking great by catching any potential issues before they become problems. We can assess your overall oral hygiene and make recommendations to improve and maintain your beautiful smile as needed. 

Online Booking

We are currently working to bring you the ability to book online through our website on both your computer or mobile.

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Extractions Post-Operative Instructions

It is important for our Patients to be following your Post-operative extraction instructions. To make sure you heal as fast and as comfortable as possible please read the following information provided. Patients can experience a wide variety of differences regarding healing. If you are experiencing any difficulties during your recovery please do not hesitate to call Skygate Dental. 


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