Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Skygate Dental Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ’s)


  • How Do I Get To Skygate Dental? Take the Skygate exit off Airport Drive and follow the signs. Please view this map for further directions map.
    • Further it is possible to get to Skygate via the Terminal Bus, Airtrain or Translink
  • Is there parking available at Skygate Dental? Yes there is Free parking available at the Front on the Building for 2 Hours.
  • Is there Wheel-Chair Access? Yes, Wheel Chair access is available. Further there is ample room and space within the dental surgery to allow for easy of movement and space.
  • What is Tooth Mousse? Tooth Mousse is an oral health product that is used to help protect teeth. It contains a special peptide (derived from milk) that has been show in many scientific and clinical studies to remineralise decayed teeth by replenishing lost calcium and phosphate. It is easier to think about tooth mousse as a topical creme that is in a sense liquid tooth, this is applied directly onto the surface of the teeth and it is able to microscopically allow for calcium and phosphate to help rebuild or remineralise the tooth. Now this will not allow for the tooth to fully rebuild itself; however, it is certainly a good option to help prevent decay and make the teeth stronger. For more information See our Blog: Tooth Mousse.
  • Where Can I Get Tooth Mousse? Skygate Dental Stocks Tooth Mousse in a variety of flavors.