Occlusal Splints

Occlusal Splints

What Is An Occlusal Splint(s)?

An occlusal splint is a dental appliance that is worn at night time during sleep. The main purpose of occlusal splints is to prevent your teeth from grinding together. Further it can be used in some cases to aid in the the treatment of joint pain for temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Who Needs An Occlusal Splint?

Occlusal splints are often considered a treatment aid, for the management of certain conditions. When considering any potential issues with the tempormandibular joint some select cases, after a thorough examination, may benefit with the aid of an occlusal splint or night guard. A good analogy to consider, is a knee brace for sprains. Often times occlusal splints will take pressure off the joint and allow the muscles associated with mastication time to relax.

Clenching and grinding the teeth is another consideration for a occlusal splint as the soft physical barrier of the dental guard protects the teeth from grinding together. This helps to preserve the dental enamel from wearing away too fast.

How Is An Occlusal Splint Made? 

First is a through history and dental examination to determine the cause of the problem. After a diagnosis is made and a splint is considered of benefit, then a dental impression of the upper and lower teeth are taken. This is then sent to the lab. The laboratory technician is the able to fabricate an a occlusal splint.

What Are the Different Types Of Splints?

There are a few different types of occlusal splint(s) that can be made. Of the various forms of splints that can be made, the main differences is the material used. Ie is the degree of soft – hard fit on the surface of the splint. As some materials are softer compared to others. Often times the choice of material used, is based on numerous factors such as; patient preference and the nature of the bite.

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