Dr. Rand Benard

Principal Dentist

B.D.Sc. (Hons) (University of Melbourne)

Dr. Rand Benard - Principle Dentist

Dr. Rand Benard - Principle Dentist - Skygate Dental

Dr. Rand Benard received his Bachelor of Dentistry (Hons) at the University of Melbourne after initially undertaking a Degree in Biochemistry (Hons). Dr. Benard continues his commitment to continual learning with on-going education that aims to enhance patient care utilizing the latest evidence based technology.

Dr. Benard places a strong emphasis on communication; combined with a strong view for a preventative as well as a comprehensive treatment approach.

After many years of practicing at a private practice in Toowoomba, Dr. Benard has moved to Brisbane to further his education as well as be closer to his family.