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When a Dental Emergency Strikes, Know Which Dentist to Call in Brisbane

Life is full of surprises: some of them good, some of them not so great, and some of them much more serious than fun. A sudden injury can be quite surprising, whether it occurs as the result of an accident on the job or during your leisure time. When you break a bone, you usually know who to dial right away — you can always head to a nearby hospital for treatment. What happens when you’re facing a dental emergency, though? A broken tooth or sudden serious pain can leave you scrambling to find a 24 hour dentist who can treat you. Why worry? Keep Skygate Dental’s number close at hand for any potential emergencies.

At Skygate Dental, we understand that life doesn’t stop outside of core business hours. When you need a place you can go for 24 hour dental care; we’re ready to take your call and open our doors to you. From emergencies involving your own teeth to those concerning children, our experienced team has the skills necessary to help put you back on the path to wellness again. There are plenty of reasons to consider coming to Skygate Dental when you need dentist in Brisbane. Convenience is just one of them!

Compassionate dental care, always available

The first thing to keep in mind when you come to Skygate Dental for dental aid is our mission of excellence. In other words, we direct our efforts towards providing an excellent standard of care. From diagnosing your issue to gently but thoroughly correcting the problem, you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving care from a professional, highly trained dentists.

Even emergency patients can use our flexible payment plan options with just 20% down at the time of treatment. That can help to take the sting of anxiety out of the need to call for help after hours. Knowing that you can get the care you need is often a big relief. If you have any questions about these options before you visit, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Finally, choosing Skygate Dental offers the chance to become a regular patient. From cleanings to fillings, we’re sure you’ll find our standard of care worth coming back for over and over again.

Keep our contact number close at hand

Skygate Dental is a family-owned practice, and we welcome every patient to our clinic as if you were a member of our family as well. Careful and caring treatment is the result of every visit, whether for a regular cleaning and check-up or as a result of a sudden emergency. For dental needs in Brisbane, we represent an excellent and professional choice. Located in Skygate, Brisbane Airport, we’re easy to find and ready to help. We’ll put forward our best effort to see you ASAP or at the next available appointment. To book a visit, please call us on (07) 3114 1199.