Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Emergency Dentist Brisbane


Skygate Dental is your Emergency Dentist Brisbane! We provide 24 hour emergency dental care. Whether it is a toothache that will not settle or a broken tooth that is unbearably sharp! Our Brisbane dental team will be able to help manage your emergency 24 hours a day. We are open Saturdays and by appointment Sundays, giving you the flexibility you need to be seen on your schedule. 

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Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Emergency Dentist, Convenience at its Best!

Looking for Emergency Dentist Brisbane? Being a 24 hour emergency Brisbane Dental practice; our team at Skygate Dental is available 24 hours to help. We are here to help anytime, day, night, or on weekends. Just call! 07 3114 1199 or 0406 579 197

Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Emergency Treatment for Dental Trauma

Accidents are inevitable in sports and day-to-day life.  In the case of dental trauma time is of most importance.  It is best to have the fractured tooth looked at as soon as possible. At Skygate Dental our Dentists will be able to assist and remedy your emergency dental needs and help go through the options to save your tooth.

Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Management of A Broken Tooth

Our Brisbane Team at Skygate Dental will look after your dental needs. A tooth may break for a number of reasons including: wear, fracture, decay or an old filling. Our dentists at Skygate will assess the cause of the broken tooth, and we will be able to provide options and specific costs involved to repair the tooth and aim to prevent future problems.

Emergencies 24/7 - 364 Days a Year

Skygate Dental is here to help with your Emergencies 24/7

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Sore Tooth?

Our dentists will determine the source of the pain and work to get you pain free

With our dentists care and attention we can get you back to smiling in no time
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Post OP Procedures
Following our Post OP Procedures will ensure you are back smiling and enjoying the life you love as soon as possible


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