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Smile bigger and brighter than ever with Skygate Dental whitening treatments

If you are looking to whiten your teeth with a Nundah dentist clinic, you should speak with Skygate Dental’s Experienced team who will be able to comprehensively discuss the options available to lighten and brighten your smile.

We all know that teeth whitening can be a real boost to your smile. What you may not know is that it can often be achieved sooner than you think. Teeth whitening options are available both in clinic and at home, and our team at Skygate Dental will be able to recommend the best available options.

Teeth Whitening in the Chair, or at home?

As with all Nundah dental clinics, Skygate Dental uses safe whitening products that can cause a chemical reaction below the enamel that breaks apart the carbon bonds that cause those unsightly yellow stains. When these bonds are broken and are no longer able reflect a yellow colour they leave your teeth looking a pearly white.

The safest way to whiten your teeth is under the guidance of an oral health professional such as Skygate Dental. We not only want to offer you the best and easiest option for you, but we also want you to end up with safe and beautiful results. Moreover, at Skygate Dental we aim to give you the smile you deserve. Using evidence-based techniques, the activated teeth bleaching treatment is completed in about one hour and requires just one visit. While quick and effective, in chair whitening, in some instances, have caused sensitivity after treatment. However, with appropriate care, this can often be minimised to a very short duration.

In home whitening: Home teeth whitening kits are safe and effective; although home kits will take time and commitment to achieve your results, they will come with time, and may take a little longer. The beauty with home whitening kits is they allow you to gradually and conveniently improve your smile. Home whitening is also a convenient option for touching up your teeth to maintain their healthy bright glow or for when you need that bright smile for a special occasion.

Some people prefer in the Chair Whitening because it is quick and can often be completed in one visit. However, others prefer the ease and customization of home whitening. What is important as Nundah Dentists, is we provide you with the options and assistance to help you decide how you want to achieve that perfect smile.

Let a Professional Nundah Dentist Decide

We recommend you first visit our professional staff before deciding which whitening treatment you prefer and very much look forward to speaking with you.

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