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Use of Mouth-Guards in Sports

Use of Mouth-Guards in Sports In previous studies it has been found that of all sports related injuries in a particular year 1/3 were estimated to be dental injuries.1 The ADA takes the approach to “recommend that athletes or active people of all ages use a properly fitted mouth-guard in any sporting or recreational activity that may pose...


What are White Fillings (Resin Composite) Made of? Mar 16

Properties of Resin Composite (White Filling Material) What is Resin Composite Made of? Resin composite is a combination of chemically distinct materials with an interface separating the components. Resin usually consists of a matrix (bis-GMA, UDMA, and TEGDMA) and fillers (very small particles, in some cases nano-particles) (quartz, zirconium, barium glass, silica) that provide the...


The Growth of the Mandible Feb 16

How Does the Mandible Grow and Change from Infancy to Adulthood? Mandibular Growth: Infancy & Early Childhood From birth to early childhood, the growth of the mandible undergoes many significant changes, until the time it is fully developed. The early development of the mandible is crucial as this is one of the most rapid time...